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Temples Fest 2015

Hey y’all

I’m always off doing bits and bobs and last weekend I got down to Temples Fest in Bristol. If you don’t know what Temples Festival is, it’s basically an extreme metal festival that involves everything from crust to hardcore to doom. The line-up looked ace so I headed down to get some interviews done.

One of my favourite interview was with Dylan Carlson from Earth. I love Earth so to speak to the founding member was a real honour and, if I’m being honest, a real shock as they’re such a groundbreaking band!  Here’s the link to the article – oh and a picture of me and Dylan below. I’m not sure what’s happening with my creepy eye in this photo!

My editor, Guy Manchester, was very proud to be featured in the background of this photo, so proud in fact that he made this picture pointing out that he was there! He said that he was pondering fame. Haha it made me laugh a lot.

My favourite interview of the weekend is below though. I’m a massive fan of Tom G Warrior. I love Celtic Frost and Triptykon so it was a privilege to speak to this man. I don’t normally do a lot of stuff on video so excuse my editing, but I think the content came out great! I will definitely be doing another interview with this man, he is very inspiring.

Finally, Ghold are one to watch on the noise scene. They’re brilliant and I love what they’re doing with their music. They’ve tailored their release so that the digital copy of their music is a different listening experience to the record. It’s hard to explain so watch the video!

Thank you to Lauren from Rarely Unusable, Guy Manchester from LTW for letting me steal his spare room and Nina from Noise Cartel <3

That’s all for now

Peace and love x

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Ginger Wildheart interview

Hey y’all!

How’s it going?

Ginger Wildheart is one of my favourite performers and artists, so when I got to do an interview with him for his spoken word tour, I was over the moon. Here’s the paper cutting below. Enjoy!

Soph x

Ginger Wildheart interview Express and Star

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