What’s happenin’? Poetry, readings and docs

Hey y’all,

How’s it been going? As I write this I’m currently on the way to a Rick Astley gig, so I’ve automatically lost all the cool points ever! – Especially since Snoop Dog played Derbyshire last night. However, I am listening to Carter USM so I’m hoping that will redeem me slightly.

Anyway, enough about music. This is an update on what I’m doing. Sooooo first of all I need to give a massive shout out to Edge-Lit which I attended at the start of July. First of all it was held in Derby of all places! Derby is my hometown, so I was pretty shock and impressed! But secondly because it was an amazing day purely for people who write fantasy and sci-fi fiction.

I was in the dealers’ room next to my main man Adam Millard and his beautiful wife – love those people! I also was my first ever panel about grimdark – which I’ll admit was extremely nerve racking but hey ho, we got through it!

I met some brilliant people throughout the day, including the brilliant Kim Lakin-Smith and her lovely family. Looking forward to reading Cyber Circus Kim!


It was slightly mad though as I ended up having to cover an all-night skate at our local roller disco straight after so I was pretty tired. Look there’s a photo of me skating woohoo.

July also saw me performing at House of Sound. To cut the long story short, I was picked out from an open mic session at an amazing poetry night put on by Apples and Snakes called Hit the Ode in Birmingham.

Me and two other people that had been chosen from previous months were all paired with musicians and asked to put together a piece. I was put with a girl called Electrik and trust me, she is amazing! Listen to her after reading this! (LINK IS HERE.)

This was the first time that I’ve ever collaborated with anyone but yeah, I think it all went ok J GeZ filmed most of it for me so I’ll let you make up your own minds!


So what’s next?

Well on Friday I’ll be in London at the wonderful queer feminist sci-fi festival Nine World. I’ll be on a panel speaking about how to write consensual sex scenes.

Here’s a print screen at what I’m reading at:

Nine worlds


I’ll also be at Howl in Birmingham performing my first booked 15 min poetry slot – I’m scared but it’s free if you wanna go and details are below:


Not to mention Bloodstock at Catton Hall ARGHHH. Get your rock out and come over for a hug if you’re around.

A few final updates…

Radio doc update – as some of you may know or not know, I’m putting together a documentary on the marvellous Circus of Horrors – the final draft is now almost done. If you wanna listen to hair hangers and sword swallowers it’ll be right up your street! Then I’ll be back to focusing on book no. 2.

Finally, some of you want to know when the next book is going to be out. There’s no set date, but I’ll be working on it straight from the end of August!

Much love,

Soph over and out.

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My Festival, Radio Course, Festival Three Weekend Sandwich

Hey everyone!

So the past few weekends have been very crazy and instead of exploring London and writing, like I’m meant to be doing, I’ve been away a lot! So let’s do this in order!

Weekend One

Firstly, I went to Hell Fest with this crazy guy  (my festival Uncle Angel) I literally had just been to spain and as soon as I touched down on the plane, had to drive down to Dover to get the ferry over (massive thank you to my boyfriend and bad planning on my behalf!).

Anywayyyy, the festival was great, I met some amazing people and caught up with some old friends. Mark – pictured left, who I’ve known for years and the lovely Jamie picked right! – look at me rockin’ the hat… not.

I also sat in on a bilingual interview, which was interesting! (Pictured below)

As I was working, there was no way I could get close to the main stages, however I finally got to see Against Me! And about died because they’re one of my favourite bands and Laura is so beautiful. I also saw Soundgarden for the fourth time (major fan girl moment).

So my verdict on Hell Fest is: Awesome to go to as a punter, not so great if you’re working and camping. The festival is cool, but very busy and you have to go over a lot of stairs and with camera equipment etc. it’s not good, plus they don’t really book any interviews with English press which was a pain! But overall, the décor was amazing and the line up was cool – forgetting the clashes!

P.S The French toll roads are killer, get a bus or travel in a large group if you can!

Weekend Two

I went to a training course with BBC Skill Set. It was a course for free lancers and gave a general overview of radio production, resulting in the production of fifteen minute radio production at the end of the weekend.

I could go on and on about the BBC software (which I’d never seen before!) but I won’t bore you with the details! The important things you need to know are the hotel looked like Downton Abbey!

(Halleluiah – shit the bed!)

And I was taught by some amazing people and also met some wonderful people, including the beautiful Debra, who is the editor of The Feminist Times!

Weekend Three 

…getting pretty knackered now. But don’t worry I decided to be sensible and go to Sonisphere after work on Friday and dance to the Prodigy!

It was awesome, met up with Angel and Rach from BRFM (Best Radio for Miles) in Wales and we watched loads of awesome bands! Haha, there’s not really a lot to say about this! I saw Gorjira which made me really happy and caught up with lots of old friends!

Also met up with Jamie again and found out he was driving Baby Metal! – Crazy guy! I have a lot to say on Baby Metal, but that’s another post for another day.

Sophie conclusion: tired but feeling epic!

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Ending University and Beginning Life in the Real World: My crazy move to London, aka how not to do it.

Ok, so I understand that I have not blogged for a while, or written, or done anything outside of university as a matter of fact, seeing as I’ve been finishing my third year at Birmingham City. And it was hard, but then again, that is why it was called a degree and I learnt a lot about media.

However, as it became May, I knew my time was almost up in the second city. Was I sad? When I had time to be, yes! But I was also excited as I’d be starting at the Prison Radio Association in London. I didn’t really think about the logistics of this at the time. I’d tried calling a few housing places at the start of May but you have to move in pretty snappy in the big smoke, so I’d had no luck.

One day my friend Anna invited me to a punk gig in Manchester, it was amazing, but what was even more awesome about that day was that I met a beautiful woman from Brixton called Jenaveve. What even were the chances?! She was living exactly where I was moving to and she was vegan (double bonus points). I travelled to meet her the following weekend and she said I could stay on her floor when I first moved down. Thank god.

Things began to get real a week before our, exhibition at university, which (lucky me) I was chairwoman for the radio room. So that was an extra stress! I blitz my room, put my life into boxes, whilst still trying to finish my degree and find a place to live. It was a horrible week. I finished uni on the Thursday night, the last night of my exhibition and was due to start my new job on the Monday. 4 days to find a house.

Before I knew it, I kissed my boyfriend goodbye, said goodbye to my friends and jumped onto a train with a backpack and a suitcase containing my whole life.  I felt like I was in a film; I still didn’t have a place and time was running out. Thankfully, I had two viewings on Saturday so I was crossing all my fingers. I met Jen on Friday night and we went to the pub to drink with her friend Andy who runs a socialist stall on Saturdays in the town centre. I liked him a lot!

On the Saturday I awoke know that I had to find somewhere to live. I walked to the first viewing and the people were wonderful, but there was also six other people viewing the property. Sadly, I walked back up Brixton Hill, sure that I wouldn’t get the house. My next viewing was at the opposite end of the town, it took me a while to get there and the sun burnt me, but the journey was worth it. Because at that house waited the wonderful Jack and as she showed me the single room, I knew it was perfect.

Then she said those brilliant words, “You can move in if you like?”

“Tomorrow?” I asked.

“That’s fine.”

That was when I almost broke down in tears because of the sheer joy I felt. I almost wanted to shout ‘Victory!’ – that may have been a bit too overdramatic!

The rest of the day was filed with embarrassing moments such as me going to the cinema and falling asleep then venturing round Brixton with Andy who thought it’d be an awesome idea to get drunk, air guitar and sing Queen to a full London bus.  Still think he’s great.

Finally Sunday came and I dragged my case through Brixton to my new house. It took me half an hour but it was worth it! I started work the following day.

And my job, is awesome.

So that’s how not to do it kids. I do not recommend moving like that at all! It is chancing a lot of things, but in this case it was so worth it!

Blogs about writing and the new book coming soon!

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