Sophie Sparham is a writer and spoken word artist from Derby. Her debut poetry collection ‘Please Mind the Gap’ was released last year and features a foreword from Benjamin Zephaniah. Sophie has written poetry commissions for Writing East Midlands, BBC Radio 4 and The People’s History Museum.

Last year Sophie gave a Ted X Talk at the University of Kent about how spoken word can improve our cultural awareness. She has recently written a pop-up show, featuring three actors for the Frida Kahlo exhibition at the V&A. She lectures Writing for Radio at the University of Derby and runs a six week poetry course at QUAD in Derby.Sophie‘s work focuses on issues such as feminism, mental health and LGBT+ rights. However, she’s also prone to writing about her obsession with double denim, how bad she is at playing sport and her undying love of Napalm Death.


Please Mind the Gap 

Please Mind the Gap is Sophie Sparham’s debut poetry collection.

The collection features a foreword from Professor Benjamin Zephaniah: “I am delighted to introduce Sophie Sparham to the wider world through this debut collection. She has a unique and distinctive voice, and has some very important things to say. I am sure she will shine in the years to come and her talent will carry her far. I hope that you, the reader, connect with her messages, feel her flow, and find meaning in her intelligent and creative verse.”

Please Mind the Gap can be purchased via Amazon or via Paypal by sending £6, plus £1.50 postage to sophie.sparham@googlemail.com.

Below, are examples of Sophie’s work.








Warning: These poems talk about sensitive issues and may upset some viewers.