Snow in Hell and the mission for the next novel.

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Ok, so last year I released Snow in Hell, it was my first ever novel and I’m super happy about it. For those of you who don’t know, I write sci-fi, fantasy adventures about crazy characters. This story was all about an angel, who fell from her world and in order to regain her place had to trial her mad methods on Earth, resulting in brainwashing and world domination. Then two scientists, a Christian demon, Satan’s daughter, a pissed off vampire and a necrophiliac transvestite called Barbie got involved and the rest is history.

Now I’m slowly moving onto the next challenge and it’s been hard getting it off the ground again after third year and my move to Brixton, but the story board is out and the game is set! I’m not saying a lot for now, as I’m only in the very early stages, however there is one thing I would like to say.

More queer characters need to be in sci-fi and fantasy… not even that, just in general stories! No, I’m not talking about making the whole storyline about their transition or their love affair which has to be kept secret, because ‘Oh god, it’s the worst thing ever!’ But just there, you know, living, being caught up in the storyline.

I’m also not saying don’t acknowledge the struggle that gay/ bi sexual / pansexual/ non gender binary/ transgender people etc. go through… do! Although, it is important just to let the characters be themselves, rather than just focus on their issues. I want to know what they like for tea and if they can kick ass when aliens come and attack!

I hope I’m explaining myself well!

This is something that I hope my writing does and I hope to do more of it. In my next book, I have decided to make my main character transgender, she will be my beautiful heroin and I’m so excited to write about her.

I know I’m not transgender. Yes, I have done lots of research and intend to do more and although the story won’t be about her transition, yes of course I will talk about it as it’s a massive part of her life. I didn’t choose to write her just because she was transgender, but because when I thought of the story that was how I imagined my character.

I know that I could rant for ages, so I’m gonna pause there!

Anyway, in summary for this next book expect epic battles, Father Time, a circus and some gay sex scene between two men from different worlds.

Woohoo! Have an ace weekend y’all.



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