What’s happenin’? Poetry, readings and docs

Hey y’all,

How’s it been going? As I write this I’m currently on the way to a Rick Astley gig, so I’ve automatically lost all the cool points ever! – Especially since Snoop Dog played Derbyshire last night. However, I am listening to Carter USM so I’m hoping that will redeem me slightly.

Anyway, enough about music. This is an update on what I’m doing. Sooooo first of all I need to give a massive shout out to Edge-Lit which I attended at the start of July. First of all it was held in Derby of all places! Derby is my hometown, so I was pretty shock and impressed! But secondly because it was an amazing day purely for people who write fantasy and sci-fi fiction.

I was in the dealers’ room next to my main man Adam Millard and his beautiful wife – love those people! I also was my first ever panel about grimdark – which I’ll admit was extremely nerve racking but hey ho, we got through it!

I met some brilliant people throughout the day, including the brilliant Kim Lakin-Smith and her lovely family. Looking forward to reading Cyber Circus Kim!


It was slightly mad though as I ended up having to cover an all-night skate at our local roller disco straight after so I was pretty tired. Look there’s a photo of me skating woohoo.

July also saw me performing at House of Sound. To cut the long story short, I was picked out from an open mic session at an amazing poetry night put on by Apples and Snakes called Hit the Ode in Birmingham.

Me and two other people that had been chosen from previous months were all paired with musicians and asked to put together a piece. I was put with a girl called Electrik and trust me, she is amazing! Listen to her after reading this! (LINK IS HERE.)

This was the first time that I’ve ever collaborated with anyone but yeah, I think it all went ok J GeZ filmed most of it for me so I’ll let you make up your own minds!


So what’s next?

Well on Friday I’ll be in London at the wonderful queer feminist sci-fi festival Nine World. I’ll be on a panel speaking about how to write consensual sex scenes.

Here’s a print screen at what I’m reading at:

Nine worlds


I’ll also be at Howl in Birmingham performing my first booked 15 min poetry slot – I’m scared but it’s free if you wanna go and details are below:


Not to mention Bloodstock at Catton Hall ARGHHH. Get your rock out and come over for a hug if you’re around.

A few final updates…

Radio doc update – as some of you may know or not know, I’m putting together a documentary on the marvellous Circus of Horrors – the final draft is now almost done. If you wanna listen to hair hangers and sword swallowers it’ll be right up your street! Then I’ll be back to focusing on book no. 2.

Finally, some of you want to know when the next book is going to be out. There’s no set date, but I’ll be working on it straight from the end of August!

Much love,

Soph over and out.


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